Croatian Model, Ivana Knoll Celebrates Croatia’s Huge World Cup Win In Sexy Outfit

Croatian Model, Ivana Knoll Celebrates Croatia's Huge World Cup Win In Sexy Outfit

Ivana Knoll has made headlines throughout the tournament with her wardrobe choices, which are quite a bit more revealing than Qatari clothing guidelines.

Ivana has been keeping the hot streak going as the Croatian National team continue to kill it on the pitch , rocking a new sexy Croatia-themed ‘fit to each game throughout the tournament.

Friday was no different with Knoll rocking a latex ensemble for Croatia’s win in penalty kicks.

The party continued after the match with Ivana doing a sexy dance to keep the good vibes going.

As we previously reported, Knoll says she’s been a big hit with the locals throughout the event and officials have loosened their stance on clothing as hundreds of thousands flocked to Doha for the World Cup.

Knoll will certainly be watching as Croatia faces off against either Argentina or the Netherlands in the next round and we’re sure she’s got her outfit all picked out.

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