South African rapper AKA shot Dead in Durban

AKA shot Dead

Award-winning South African rapper, AKA (real name Kiernan Forbes), was killed in a shooting incident in Durban on Friday, February 10th. The Johannesburg-based artist was in Durban for his birthday party at Yugo Nightclub, which he had advertised on social media and invited fans to attend.

Earlier that evening, AKA went to Fish Restaurant on Florida Road with friends and his bodyguard, and posted his location on Instagram. After finishing their meal, AKA stepped outside the restaurant and was killed in a shooting incident shortly after 10 pm.

Eyewitness accounts vary, with some saying that a person approached AKA and shot him 6 times, while others report it was a drive-by shooting, where two cars drove by the restaurant as AKA was standing outside with friends and he was shot dead. A friend standing with him was also killed and his bodyguard was injured.

After the AKA news of the shooting broke, his friend and colleague, Da Les, took to Twitter to express his grief.

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