Abuja police arrest two men with human head (video)

Two married men were arrested in Abuja with a severed woman’s head.

Peter Ochigbo, 42, a married father-of-five from Otukpo in Benue state, and Samuel Bachu, 35, also from Otukpo in Benue state, were arrested this week by police in Abuja.

When confronted, Peter Ochigbo stated that he was set up by a friend named Peter Etuma.

Etuma, according to Ochigbo, was the one who drove him to Abuja and provided the human head.

He said Etuma called him to meet him somewhere and he did, not knowing Etuma had called the police, and when the police arrived they arrested him with the human head.

When asked where the said Etuma got the head from, Ochigbo feigned ignorance.

See a video below.

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