Ghanaian business tycoon Asoma Banda’s family clashes over his wealth while he fights for his life on his sickbed (video)

A video of family members of a Ghanaian business tycoon, Asuma Banda, fighting over his wealth on his sickbed has gone viral on social media.

According to Ghanaian media, family members have accused the business tycoon’s second wife of preventing others from accessing him. According to reports, the first wife and her children, as well as other family members, stormed the 37 Military hospital where he is receiving medical treatment in an attempt to forcefully eject him, but were met with resistance.

Trending videos on the internet showed family members conversing in his hospital room as the frail businessman stared at them.

In one of the videos, one of the sons of the business tycoon showed the frailed hands of the father and claimed one of his sons had been signing his documents and cheques claiming that their sick father who appears immobile is the one signing the cheques.

The ailing businessman is said to be the first man to own a ship in Ghana and also the first to own a plane in the country.

Watch the trending video below;

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