Kidnap suspect says he spent N1m sleeping with prostitutes every day for a month

Kidnap suspect says he spent N1m sleeping with prostitutes every day for a month

The Nigeria Police Force Intelligence Bureau FIB-IRT has arrested four suspected members of a kidnap syndicate that abducted Mrs Hussana Adamu, the wife of a popular Rivers-based businessman, eight months ago.

Hussana Adamu was released a week later after a N20 million ransom was paid.

DCP Tunji Disu-led team arrested four suspects identified as Isiaka Hamidu, 30, from Adamawa State; Nwasaneo Goodluck, 34; Victor Nwidee, 29; and ThankGod Bariledun, 36, all from Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State.

When interrogated, the prime suspect, Isiaka Hamidu, who sells parrots and peacocks in Port Harcourt, said he invited other members of the syndicate to abduct Mrs Adamu to avenge an alleged ill-treatment of his younger brother by her husband, Musa Ahmad, who hails from Maiduguri, Borno state but resides in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

”One of my brothers worked for Alhaji Musa Ahmad, for 11 years. When he left to get married, all Alhaji Ahmad could pay my brother was N250,000.

I was not happy with him because everyone knew he was very rich and could afford more than that. I decided to kidnap him or any member of his family.

I contacted Goodluck, a long-time friend and told him about the situation. He was also angry and bought my kidnap idea.

Good luck in turn called leader of the gang , Ojukwu, who mobilized and coordinated the woman’s kidnap, after I showed them her house. But I did not join them for the operation so that no one would recognize me”

Hamidu said he was paid N1.3 million from the crime. When asked what he used the proceeds from the crime to do, he said;

“I used N1 million out of it to f*** ashawo( commercial sex workers). I lodged in a hotel , invited prostitutes every night for one month. I slept with at least two ashawos every night for one month and I paid them N20,000 each. I used the remaining N300,000 to plant corn in the village”, he said, maintaining that it was his first time of indulging in kidnap.

On his part, Goodluck who has a Higher National Diploma holder from the Abia State Polytechnic Aba, admitted to having collected N5.5millon from the leader of the gang after ransom was paid.

”Out of it, I took N2 million, gave Isiaka N1.3 million while Victor got N500,000.”

Another suspect, ThankGod, claimed he had no idea that members of the gang were into kidnapping. He said he was contacted to use his vehicle to convey them to a place in Bori Khana Local Government Area of the state, after the kidnap.

”Leader of the gang told me to take him somewhere in my car. On the way I picked three other friends of his . From there, he directed me to where it was later discovered to be close to the victim’s house, where they kidnapped her and directed me to their hideout . That was when I knew they were kidnappers”

The fourth suspect, Victor, stated that his role was to monitor the victim’s movement and relate same to other members of the gang who were waiting patiently for the appropriate time to strike. He also admitted to having collected N500,000 from Goodluck, as his share of the ransom, revealing that he used the largesse to repair his Toyota Corolla car.

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