End SARS Flag Boy Attacked In Oshodi (Photos/Videos) | News Nigeria 24

End SARS Flag Boy Attacked In Oshodi (Photos/Videos)

End SARS Flag Boy Attacked In Oshodi (Photos/Videos)

End SARS Flag Boy is a protester who, in the aftermath of the 2020 End SARS riots, staged protests by waving Nigerian and End SARS flags from prominent positions like bridges, tall buildings, and the tops of trucks.

In recent months he has changed his online usernames to Obi Flag Boy and he now waves Labour Party and Peter Obi flags from prominent positions.

Akin Olaoye @akintollgate

@ObiFlagboy narrates the brutality he suffered at the hands of thugs, along with a number of park officials in Oshodi. We call on @PoliceNG to investigate this issue and bring the perpetrators to book. Freedom of association is a right owed to every Nigerian.

Violence of any form should be tolerated in our politics as a Nation. For Democracy to thrive, fear and intimidation cannot be promoted by the ruling party or even an opposition party, regardless of State or Region.

Text of his narration

OK, so we went to Oshodi today for the regular flag movement we usually do every week, like twice a week, so we decided to go to the Oshodi location today.

So, on getting there, while I was moving on the pedestrian with my flag, some group of guys started calling us from the terminal. So and I suspected that they were calling us for something else . . .for something bad. I decided to run.

So unknown to me that they’ve already captured the camera guy.

So while I was running, I got to the park. There is no way I can escape because the vehicles had to wait for passengers to load before they can move. So that was where I got stuck, then the rest, they came and captured me like a thief. They just carried me.

So luckily, fortunately for me, while we were going we saw a military guy. The military guy was trying to stop them, they couldn’t stop. They took us straight to the terminal. The military guy followed us from behind.

So, on getting to the terminal, inside, the chairman immediately took the flag stick, the iron, started wiping us left and right. The other one broke bottle, then the military guy was able to stop the guy that broke the bottle.

So, they even poured fuel on this one (he points at his cameraman), they smashed the phone that was inside his pocket (we see the smashed phone), so if not for the help of the military guy, I don’t know, they would have light up the fuel and that would have been a different case.

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