Enugu Police Station attacked by gunmen, two policemen killed, station house burned

Enugu Police Station attacked by gunmen, two policemen killed, station house burned

According to reports, gunmen attacked the Inyi Police Division in Enugu State’s Oji-River Local Government Area, killing two people and setting fire to the station. The incident occurred on Sunday morning.

One of the two people killed was a police officer who was on duty when the assailants attacked the station.

On Sunday afternoon, a video of the incident shows a building used as a police station on fire and the bodies of two young men lying by the station’s perimeter fence.

Voices in the background of the video identified one of the bodies as that of a policeman while it is not clear whether the second person was a policeman or not. Some voices identified the two victims as policemen, but another person said he could only identify one of them as a policeman attached to the station.

A resident of Arum Inyi where the police station is located confirmed the attack.

The source who noted that he left the community on Saturday for Enugu, said, “I got information from my community a few hours ago that unknown gunmen attacked the police station in my town, and that they killed one police officer. Right now I don’t have further details.”

Meanwhile, a security alert being circulated on social media platforms in the Enugu State capital warned residents of Inyi, Achi, Ufuma, Umunze, Ajari and Arondiizogu to be careful and security conscious in their areas because of the resurgence of gunmen activities.

The alert read, “Warning! Achi, Inyi, Ojiriver, Ufuma, Umunze, Ajari, Arondiizogu those axis are facing security challenges, Ngwo Iri sons & daughters, lets always be security cautious and avoid night movement, above all always commits our going out & coming in into the blood of Almighty Jesus Christ the savior.”

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