Young women are pimping their female friends to their fathers – Gov. Okowa’s aide

An assistant to Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Ossai Success Ovie, claims that there is a new trend in town where young women pimp their female friends to their fathers in the hopes of getting paid by the girls who warm their fathers’ beds and get paid.

Ossai wrote about his personal experience with one of his female friends in Benin who engages in this act.

“Young ladies pimping girls for their fathers.

I recently met a female friend in Benin and she said three of her female friends dated her father a few months back I asked her how is possible when her father is still married to her mum.

So she said, her father always asked her to connect her friends to him whenever she comes home with her beautiful female friends.

I was speechless at that moment.

Then I asked her, why are your Female friends not declining?

It was at this point she spoke in Pidgin English and said “Haba Bross Ossai, my friends dem like money and my dad sabi give girls money and I Dey collect my percentage “

I said Oh my God, you have spoiled friends and your father is spoiled also just like you.

I ended up the conversation by advising her to protect her mother always by not allowing her father to be promiscuous.

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