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Even Animals Are Also Stealing In APC Government – Kenneth Okonkwo

Even Animals Are Also Stealing In APC Government - Kenneth Okonkwo
Kenneth Okonkwo on Channels TV

Nigerian actor, lawyer, and politician, Kenneth Okonkwo has described the APC as a party of Thieves saying even Animals are also stealing in the APC Government.

Okonkwo decried the APC government’s level of corruption, saying he did not vote for animals to begin manifesting as witches stealing the country’s money.

This was stated by the veteran actor while answering questions on Channels TV’s Politics Today program.

He bemoaned the fact that the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, and students had been confined to their homes for eight months with no end in sight.

“APC is bad because there is no sound coming out of APC, what you hear is noise; and you know when people make noise, they exchange ignorance through argument.

“I didn’t subscribe to the fact that ASUU would be at home, students at home, my younger ones denied education for months and there is no end in sight; that was not the reason I entered APC.

“I entered APC because they promised me they will tackle security after the failure of PDP; give it to PDP they failed, they acknowledged, they apologized. APC came pretending that they will build on what PDP did, and yes they are building a skyscraper of failure on it because the security that was limited to the northeast has metastasized and has swept all over nigeria.

“On the issue of corruption, one person who is supposed to be the custodian of the money of Nigeria was alleged to have stolen N109bn; the proveable one. You can imagine the APC government, you are witnessing termites eating documents, monkeys swallowing money, and snakes becoming money eaters in the APC government.

“I did not vote for animals to begin to manifest as witches stealing our money. So in the APC government, everybody has become a thief including animals”, he said.

Watch the video below;

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