Former US president, Trump ordered to testify to January 6 committee

Former US president, Trump ordered to testify to January 6 committee

Former President Donald Trump has been summoned to testify before a congressional panel investigating last year’s Capitol riot.

The document addresses him, said, “You were at the center of the first and only effort by any US President to overturn an election.”

It goes on: “You knew this activity was illegal and unconstitutional.”

A lawyer for Mr Trump accused the lawmakers on the committee of “flouting norms”.

With the US midterm elections coming up next month, the former president has slammed the investigation as a ruse designed to distract voters from the “disaster” of Democratic governance.

If Mr. Trump does not comply with the subpoena, he could face criminal charges.

He has until November 4 to submit documents to the committee, which meets on January 6th, and must appear for deposition testimony on or around November 14th.

If Mr. Trump refuses to testify before Congress or turn over requested documents, the committee may refer the case to the Department of Justice, potentially triggering criminal charges.

The subpoena was issued just hours after former Trump strategist Steve Bannon was fined $6,500 (£5,800) and sentenced to four months in jail for contempt of Congress.

He was convicted after refusing to give the committee testimony or documents.

Another Trump aide, Peter Navarro, is due to stand trial for contempt of Congress next month after refusing to co-operate with a similar subpoena.

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